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Burglar Systems

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Burglar Alarm Systems

Business alarm systems are quickly becoming a necessity. With acts of burglary or vandalism directed at local businesses becoming increasingly more frequent, now is the time to invest in a top quality security system to help prevent major losses that these crimes can cause to your business.

Business security systems must employ sophisticated equipment as well as being supported by 24/7 monitoring. Netlink security systems can be tailored to your needs as a business owner, and will include solutions such as video surveillance, sirens, motion detectors, as well as sensors that trigger the alarm if a window is broken or a door is opened . Owning a security system may also significantly lower your insurance costs and may even be required by some insurance companies.

Netlink can help you choose a solution that will provide you with the level of protection that you require for your business. At Netlink we will work together with you to custom-build the commercial security system that best suits your needs. Whether it’s the size of your business, specific things to consider for your industry or perhaps budget concerns, we can design the right security system for your company.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, therefore it’s important to protect and secure your assets and protect your employees with a professionally designed burglar alarm system. Regardless of the size of your business, we can build a commercial security system that provides the best level of security for your specific needs. We’ve designed burglar alarm systems for nearly every kind of business and commercial application.

Commercial Burglar Alarms / Industrial / Institutional

There are numerous options to consider when designing a commercial alarm system. At Netlink, our team of security professionals has training and experience to create a security system for business that matches your budget.

For your commercial business, we can provide all of the necessary equipment as well as design the perfect security system for your location. Whether your requirements are to secure a small area or to fully protect a large government complex, Netlink Security does it all.

Netlink Security can provide you with the latest state-of-the-art systems.

Our burglar systems include U.L. listed equipment, detailed reporting on when your security system is armed and disarmed and by whom as well as a back-up central station reporting via wireless devices. Our security systems utilize commercial grade equipment such as long range motion sensors, outdoor beams, specialized contacts for bay and roll-up doors and high impact and explosion proof devices. We also specialize in providing complete protection for safes and vaults as well.

  • Area arming
  • Cellnet radio backup
  • Critical conditions and process monitoring
  • Door/window contacts
  • Duress code
  • Exterior bells
  • Glass break detectors
  • Interior motion detectors
  • Interior sirens
  • Photo electric beams
  • Remote phone control
  • Silent hold-up alarm

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