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Motorized Speakers

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Motorized speakers are a revolutionary and unique concept. They are one of the most dramatic advancements in custom audio since the invention of the in-wall speaker. Netlink offers motorized speaker solutions that can be mounted flush in the ceiling and are able to drop down to a 15º , 30º or 45° angle. They can also rotate and aim toward any position in the room. They can be controlled by a remote with multiple presets and can be configured to a variety of seating configurations and positions.

Netlink puts the power of control in your hands with their many speaker products. Today, many rooms are mutli-purposed and require the ability to have the control and power to adjust to any listening situation. Whether you are having a cocktail party, a romantic evening at home with a loved one, or watching a game in HD with your friends, Netlink can help you have the power to create the absolute perfect listening situation with one button.

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