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Audio Video Calibration

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Netlink’s trained staff can professionally calibrate your equipment. In order to get the most accurate colors and detailed pictures possible from your video display, we recommend having a professional video calibration performed. Our technicians are able to calibrate the color temperature, black level, contrast and convergence to the latest standards by using a laptop computer, light and color sensors, and test pattern generating equipment.

Off the shelf LCD TV’s and projectors are adjusted to catch people’s eyes on showroom floors however these settings often over saturate and compromise the over all image quality. Recalibrating requires expertise and is time intensive but definitely worth the effort!

What Is Calibration?

To get the most out of your video system, it must be calibrated. Whether you own a LCD, plasma, LED, DLP or even CRT, if you don’t calibrate it, you will never experience all that it has to offer. Get the most out of your investment and have us professionally calibrate it! The process of calibrating will determine the color accuracy and the final image quality of the picture you see. This is achieved by accessing internal settings and thorough testing.

Calibrating New TVs

Why would a brand new TV need to be calibrated? Off the shelf TVs are designed for showrooms. On a showroom floor, the brightest pictures are the ones that attract the most buyers. So “off the shelf” TVs are designed to be abnormally bright in hopes to sell. But once that TV is purchased and brought home, it needs to be calibrated. If you don’t calibrate it then your TV will have obscure detail, incorrect color accuracy and potentially a shorter life span. Unfortunately you can’t just turn down the Contrast and Brightness controls and get good results. It takes much more than that.

True professional calibration will set your TV’s internal color temperatures close to or exactly at the current standards. This can only be accurately achieved by use of professional equipment and a trained technician.

What You Should Know

In a TV, color temperatures determine the neutral background color by which all of the other image colors are set. Most TV sets on the market today have their color temperature set more than twice as high current standard. This causes a very inaccurate and poor picture quality.

It may be great for catching people’s attention on a display floor and increasing sales but has very little quality. This causes the accuracy of every color to be off and the brightness destroys all the subtle details that make a movie involving. In the long term it is harsh on your eyes and will shorten the life span of your TV. It’s the equivalent of constantly running your car engine at maximum RPM.

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Audio Calibration

Netlink does it right all the time! When we install a home theater or media room system, we make sure that it looks and sounds great and is easy to use. But just having your components installed correctly doesn’t mean that it is achieving its full potential. That’s why professional audio video calibration is so important.


Most rooms are not designed from the ground up to be acoustically balanced for a home theater or media room. Most people will turn their den or some other area into their media room or home theater but due to the windows, hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings, the sound is so reflected that by the time it reaches your ears it has been altered greatly. We will address many of these issues and find the perfect solution for you.


Some components and receivers have calibration software build in but this really is never as effective as having your system professionally calibrated. Most receivers will just do the basics and account for the crossover frequency of the subwoofer, the size of your speakers, the distance they are from the seating area and sound pressure levels (SPL). We area able do far more than this!

Numerous components and receivers that we sell have software that will allow our trained professionals to adjust the equalization to make up for a less than ideal setting. We can determine which frequencies need to be boosted and which need to be dialed back by using tone generators and meters. We can also make sure that at low volume levels the equalization is adjusted properly so that there will be no loss of bass and low frequency sounds that your subwoofer should be performing.

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