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You probably have a room in your home that has been a media room for many years without you actually realizing it. Your den or family room may have had this function since it is the place you and your family go to watch TV or movies. You or your kids may even play video games there as well. It may even be where your main audio system for you home resides. These examples are all forms of media and in most cases the family room or den is the place where everyone gets together to enjoy them.

For decades, Netlink has been helping families like yours to obtain the most enjoyment out of their home entertainment. There are many ways we can help take your home entertainment to the next level.


The TV is definitely the main focal point of the entertainment system even though it is just one of many parts of the equation in your media room. LCD TVs offer many options on placement in the room especially since they are only a few inches in depth.

Whether hanging your LCD TV on a wall, integrating it into a piece of furniture or installing a custom LCD TV lift, the professionals at Netlink will help you determine the best size and location for your television.

We will also help you figure out if you’re smartest choice is a LCD TV or a Plasma TV depending on the environment the television will likely be going into. Watching 3D movies, enjoying sporting events or playing video games will all be determining factors to consider as well.


Many new technologies such as Blu-ray are encoded with high definition audio as well as high definition video. To truly appreciate and enjoy your movies in the way that they were intended, a speaker system is a must since your TV speakers simply will not perform.

There are many systems available today. For years a 5.1 surround system was the standard. 5.1 means you have 5 surround speakers and 1 subwoofer, and some systems can be as large as 9.2! The good news is that you don’t need to surrender all of your living area to allow for a great audio system. LCD TV’s have become flat and easy to place out of the way but speakers and subwoofers can now disappear entirely into a wall or piece of furniture. The traditional way is also an option especially with the variety of bookshelf speakers or floor-standing speakers that have incredible finishes which enhance your existing decor.

Netlink will bring it all together for you with their experienced in-house installation team. Our in depth design expertise enables us to conceal many parts of your system. We can run all the wiring through the walls, attic or basement which means that you will not see anything except the components you wish to have fun with and enjoy.

Seating and Furniture

Netlink can also help you make important decisions regarding entertainment furniture and seating to compliment your new system. We offer many furniture and seating choices ranging from classy and traditional to clean and contemporary. Careful thought will be given to make sure that proper air flow and ventilation are available to keep your components from overheating while still maintaining a visually appealing look.

Many of our seating and furniture options are modular making it easy to configure and setup in any arrangement you may desire. Netlink also offers many choices such as motorized control, micro fiber, leather and many other options.

Lighting and Window Treatments

Windows can be very appealing and beautiful but they present many challenges. We can help you solve many of these challenges by using window treatments. Window treatments and shade control will prevent the dreaded glare on your LCD or horrible the washing out that occurs with screens during the daytime.

Netlink offers many automated shading and motorized window treatment options that can be controlled automatically when the movie begins or manually with your remote control.

Your remote can also be sophisticated and control your lighting as well. A push of a button can dim your lights when your TV program or movie begins and have the ability to turn the lights back up when you want to make a quick run to the kitchen for some popcorn.

We’ve thought of everything at Netlink to make your entertainment experience the best possible!


A great media room requires great control so that anyone can easily operate it.

Just about every system we design will incorporate some kind of programmable remote or touch screen controller. At Netlink we make sure that your system will operate easily by the touch of a button.

We can set up your media room or home theater to be easily operated and controlled without ever having to get our of your seat! Whether it’s turning up the volume of your audio system, controlling your LCD TV, dimming the lights or closing the curtains, all with the push of a button, we make it possible at Netlink!

Professional Audio and Video Calibration

Calibrating the audio and video in your home theater is the only way to get the absolute best performance possible from your investment. Calibrating can also extend the life of your equipment as well as increasing efficiency and functionality. With the proper test equipment and design we can help eliminate problematic bass modes that can occur from the natural acoustics of your room so that your front speakers are not drowned out with “MUDDY” or “BOOMY” low end. Placing a subwoofer in the corner is not the best placement. It will sound like you are getting more from your subwoofer, but you are also amplifying the problems as well. Proper placement depends on the individual room. There is no magic number to that works for every room. We will determine the proper placement in the room through calculations and testing to provide a smoother bass response. This provides a smoother frequency response at the seating locations for a more natural and realistic movie experience.

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