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Smart Home

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Atypical smart home has many systems in it. Systems such as whole house audio, distributed video, networking, intercom, security, lighting control, heating and cooling systems, cameras, access control, pool and spa control and many others. Home automation brings all of these systems together enabling you to control them from one single location; and with Netlink’s innovative home networking solutions, all of your digital media can be equally accessible.

Netlink Home Theater offers many of the leading brands in smart home technology. These are the same systems found in many prestigious homes around the world as well as Fortune 500 company boardrooms and a number of the finest luxury hotels in the world.

Take Complete Control

Home automation systems make advanced home technology simple, providing a lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Total control is definitely right at your fingertips, via an easy-to-use color display touch-panel, remote or even a customized keypad.

One Touch Access

Netlink has technology solutions that make it possible for you to indulge in luxury with one touch. Using one button your shades close, lights dim, the flat-screen TV turns on and you simply relax as your favorite movie begins. Listen to jazz music CDs as you read in the den, your children play video games in the media room, and your spouse listens to the radio on the patio.

Control your music from virtually any room in your home – there’s no need for you to walk to the stereo to select a component, pick through CDs, change tracks or adjust the volume. You are able to control security cameras and see what’s happening in your home right from the convenience of your computer, smart phone, iPhone, iPad or tablet PC. Monitor your front door, watch your kids by the swimming pool area, or check up on your baby napping in the nursery.

Roaming Panel Technology

Roaming panel technology allows you to walk all over your home with a single control interface, be it a touch-panel, iPhone, or iPad, and control the entire dwelling. From the comfort of your den, you can control the surround sound system located there, go down to a downstairs room and control the media center from your bar, walk out to the swimming pool area and control the music outside or in the whole home, and access a camera view on your touch panel to see who’s at the front door! No specific panel is required for each and every area. Each and every touch panel is capable of doing anything and everything.

Home Network

Homeowners today depend on home networks for information, data, video as well as to assist with and improve many daily tasks. Networks are becoming more and more popular and are increasingly being integrated with video distribution, television systems, business VPN connections as well as many other uses.

The importance of home networking is growing rapidly. We’ve found that quality has a huge impact when it comes to home networks and the homeowner’s desired lifestyle. Netlink provides technology solutions that are professionally integrated and stand-alone networking services.

Netlink has extensive experience in home networking and combines that with in depth knowledge in power management as well as audio and video performance quality. We cover everything from basic home router installation, automated backup systems and also enterprise class networking for larger homes and higher security situations.

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