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Outdoor Entertainment

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Technological advancements have brought us some amazing choices when it comes to providing entertainment to your outdoor areas. The easiest way to supply outdoor entertainment for your home is with one or more of our weather-resistant outdoor speaker packages. At Netlink, we provide better coverage and a far better outdoor entertainment experience when we install several sets of speakers operating at low volume levels instead of one pair of speakers playing very loud.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Netlink offers some of the world’s most diverse range of outdoor speakers. Whether you are celebrating a graduation in the backyard, honoring mom and dad with an anniversary party, or enjoying carols while relaxing on the porch on Christmas Eve, we can accommodate your needs.

We offer various lines of loudspeakers that deliver many upgrades in both appearance and sonic capability. Our speaker packages are tremendously durability and are U.V. and weather-resistant. Additionally they are very robust with reinforced enclosures. Many of these speakers have color-matched polyresin enclosures which means that even if the outside coating is marred or chipped, the material underneath is the same color and, very much like an actual rock, it will retain its rock-like appearance.

Controls for Outdoor Entertainment

Controlling your new outdoor entertainment system is another one of our areas of expertise.

That’s where Netlink’s automation systems come in!

Each one of our outdoor systems have a wireless control solution so you can completely manage your outdoor entertainment system from one easy to use device. Dazzle your guests by letting them use your wireless controller to make their own music selections!

Call us today and experience the Netlink outdoor experience!

Outdoor Video!

Outdoor video is increasingly growing and gaining popularity everyday. Netlink offers the ultimate in outdoor LCD televisions and installation. These LCD TVs are totally weather proof and can withstand rain and other elements. Most of these types of TVs are about twice the brightness of regular television sets which means you get a high quality picture even in sunlight!

The ever expanding popularity of outdoor entertainment is branching into more profound levels of enjoyment such as an outdoor home theater system!

Netlink Home Theater specialists can create the perfect outdoor entertainment system for you and your family. Call us today!

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