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Whole House Audio

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Having an audio system that can be controlled and play music in every room is a very real possibility with Netlink. We have multi-room audio systems that will accommodate any need. From basic volume control knobs to sleek and high tech keypad touch screens, there are many control possibilities. You can have the flexibility of selecting preset radio stations, Sirius or XM satellite radio, iPod and iPhone players, or even standard CD players all from a keypad at any location. Our professionals can even install a home network that will play music streamed from sites like Pandora or Rhapsody.

Regardless of your technical level, our systems can easily be learned and operated in a matter of minutes. Our systems are so sophisticated that you do not have to listen to the same song throughout the house. You can play different music in each area with ease. Several people can enjoy different music in each room and have full control at the same time.

New or Existing Homes

Netlink whole house audio systems can be incorporated into a new construction or can be integrated into an existing home. There are many sophisticated design possibilities when using a multi-room audio system. All of your equipment can be hidden away in a remote location and your speakers can be concealed on bookshelves, in walls or in ceilings of your rooms. A key pad or touch screen can be placed on a wall in each area where the system can be totally controlled.

Entertaining with Ease

Parties are much easier and far more entertaining with a whole house audio system from Netlink. Most audio systems in homes today are out of date. These outdated systems are usually located in one room and you have to turn it up extremely loud in order for the music to be heard through the entire home. This can be very obnoxious and uncomfortable to those in nearby rooms. With a Netlink whole house audio system you can control the volume in each room with a simple key pad or touch screen. Additionally, we can design your system where the entire home audio can be shut off by pressing one-button.

Limitless Control

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to Netlink whole house audio. Whether you desire basic volume control, a sophisticated keypad system, or control by means of a wireless touch panel, your new system will be custom designed to fit your lifestyle, your needs and provide you with the level of control you desire.

Many of our systems can start out basic and then be expanded later to incorporate more and more features such as home automation, lighting control, climate control, camera control and much more.

Netlink can design the perfect whole house audio system for you and your family. Call us today! (601) 856-0600

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