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Your home theater can sound much better than a commercial theater. Speakers can make a huge difference in sound quality and realism. Good speakers will let you hear and feel the power and soul of the music as well as hear sounds you’ve never heard before in your favorite movie.

Netlink has some of the best selections of high performance speakers around. We believe it takes a large selection to meet and satisfy the needs of numerous customers who have many different environments and room designs.

You can read magazines until you are so confused that you have no idea what the proper set of speakers are for your application. With us, it is really quite simple. Let our experience help you determine what speakers best fit your needs, tastes and style.


Subwoofers are an excellent choice for home audio, home theater and media rooms. They are dedicated to the reproduction of bass frequencies, generally from about 200hz and lower. When placed along with loudspeakers, subwoofers can handle all of the lower more powerful bass notes while the loudspeakers can be freed up to reproduce excellent sound quality in the upper range. Nothing lets you feel the experience like a subwoofer!

In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Speakers that are installed in the ceiling or in-wall are a great choice for those who want terrific sound but do not have room for a floor standing or bookshelf speaker. Most of our in-wall and ceiling speakers have grilles that are paint-able which makes them an excellent choice for matching any decor.

Netlink can design the perfect home audio system for you and your family. Call us today! (601) 856-0600

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