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Outside Plant

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Netlink’s Outside Plant team consists of a wide range of professionals with experience in all facets of outside plant design and engineering. We will take great care to ensure precision and accuracy in each and every phase within your construction project.

Netlink’s Outside Plant Engineering team has in depth experience with copper, fiber and hybrid designs. We will perform the analysis necessary to apply the proper technology for your network. Our comprehensive project management strategy incorporates everything from cost comparisons, feasibility studies, and environmental impact to coordination of the actual construction.

Netlink’s Outside Plant services range from Plant Network Design, Cost Estimates, Field Stakin, Permitting, Mapping, Onsite Inspection, to Contract Administration.



Netlink has in depth outside cable plant design experience. We’ve developed outside cable plant systems for several diverse campus environments, such as K-12 and higher education, corporate, healthcare, as well as retail and residential land developments.

Netlink’s consultant team consists of BICSI-certified RCDD Outside Plant specialists who are well aware of the issues associated with designing and developing underground pathway systems for single and multi-mode fiber, high pair-count copper, and coax trunk cabling.

Netlink also provides extensive expertise in capacity planning, resilient network design, telecommunications carrier entrance facility design/coordination, duct, pullbox and vault sizing, trenching and backfill specifications, and grounding and lightning protection.

Fiber optic fusion splicing

Whether you require a Metropolitan Ring, Long Haul WAN, Campus/WAN or LAN, Netlink Fiber Services can assist you in all of your FOC installation requirements. Ranging from fiber termination to cable placement, to include , splicing, connector termination, pigtail termination, pre-terminated fan outs and network testing, we will assist you in every facet of your ISP installation. We are knowledgeable of all EIA/TIA, IEEE, ISO, and NEC installation, termination, and testing standards and will ensure all requirements are met.

Copper splicing

Netlink’s Fiber Services can assist you in installing the most up-to-date state of the art copper cabling system. Wether your needs are CAT 5e/CAT 6 data cabling, coaxial video and audio or even voice cabling we can help. We are experienced in the most recent copper cable installation and testing requirements set down by the EIA/TIA requirements. We can also fulfill any security cabling requirements you may have.

Directional boring and trenching

Netlink’s directional boring process enables you to drill under areas such as parking lots, roadways, buildings and historical sights that you may not want to disturb through the use of traditional construction methods. This is much less intrusive and provides an aesthetically pleasing way to get your infrastructure into the ground. Additionally, it allows the installation of a new outside plant without interfering with previously installed utilities.

Aerial work

Netlink’s professional staff is also experienced in aerial work. We offer a broad range of aerial services. Please call us for more details. 601-856-0600

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